Gallery SOP STAR COW 1
Gallery SOP STAR COW 1
May 2021
Headquarters 21052 Busto Arsizio, VA, Italy

SOP STAR COW - A solution to reduce enteric GHG emissions, benefiting the environment and improving dairy cows productivity

SOP STAR COW is a complementary feed, that promotes the well-being of dairy cattle, by a contemporary action on the cows digestive, immune and neuroendocrine systems, to improve the quality and quantity of milk production. In addition to that, SOP STAR COWS improves the condition of the animals bedding, reducing odours and ammonia directly in the barns. SOP STAR COW has also been proven to reduce enteric emissions: methane production is reduced by over 20% and CO2 by over 18% in production animals. SOP STAR COW is a solution to improve the sustainability of dairy production by giving economic benefits to the farmers, improving milk production, in quality and quantity. In addition, SOP STAR COW has strong environmental benefits, reducing GHG emissions from dairy and odours and ammonia from the farms.

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Key features

  • Low dosage required (8 g/animal, day)
  • 100% natural raw materials, feed already approved in most diciplinaries of production (such as for Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese)
  • -20.4% enteric methane emissions
  • -18.4% enteric CO2 emissions
  • -90% ammonia emissions from bedding/stalls


  • 1.5-2x immediate payback, by virtue of improved milk production
  • -20/-40% SCC and +6.5% protein in the milk, for additional premiums
  • -50% covering materials needed for bedding/stalls

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