Solar Thermal High-Vacuum Panels

Gallery Solar Thermal High-Vacuum Panels 1
Gallery Solar Thermal High-Vacuum Panels 1
July 2020
Headquarters 1242 Satigny, Suisse

Solar Thermal High-Vacuum Panels - A high-perfoming solar thermal technology for the production of hot water and steam

TVP’s pioneering solar technology generates temperatures of up to 180C to power industrial processes and district heating networks.

There is a growing demand for renewable sources of energy to replace fossil fuels for industrial processes. TVP's innovative solar thermal panel integrate patented high-vacuum technology to produce the levels of heat required for industrial processes or district heating at the same cost as natural gas and at a lower cost than liquid fossil fuels. The high-vacuum technology allows TVP's flat panels to exhibit minimal thermal losses and no degradation over time, delivering exceptional efficiency. Without the need for cleaning and only minimal maintenance, TVP’s 100% recyclable solar collectors can operate for 25 years to deliver emission free thermal energy.

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Key features

  • Zero operational emissions during operational lifetime
  • Can reduce emissions from an average natural gas industrial boiler system by 200 Kg CO2/m2/year


  • Can deliver payback in 5-10 years
  • Can reduce energy bills for heat production by as much as 40%

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