SharkSafe Barrier™

Gallery SharkSafe Barrier™ 1
Gallery SharkSafe Barrier™ 1
November 2020
Headquarters Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7602, South Africa

SharkSafe Barrier™ - A novel, low maintenance technology to keep sharks separated from swimmers and surfers

SharkSafe Barrier™ uses biomimicry and magnetism to keep both sharks and humans safe in coastal areas.

The fear associated with shark attacks is causing a sharp decline in beach usage where these accidents frequently occur. SharkSafe Barrier™ (SSB) is the only tested eco-friendly shark specific barrier to protect surfers and swimmers from large sharks. The SSB merges the biomimicry of a thick kelp forest, known to be a natural barrier to some shark species, with large permanent magnets (which overwhelmed sharks' electro-magnetics receptors) to create a shark-deterrent magnetic field. The SSB works 24/7 and is 20 times cheaper to maintain than shark exclusion nets. This novel technology solves problems associated with shark attacks including loss of lives, loss of income for local businesses, and loss of biodiversity in marine ecosystems associated with current sharks culling programs. It thus contributes to the preservation of a healthy ocean ecosystem, while also promoting the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth.

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Key features

  • No entanglement of non-target species, unlike with nets
  • Protects people and sharks whilst avoiding culling


  • Payback in five years thanks to reduced maintenance costs compared to mainstream option
  • 20 times cheaper to operate than shark exclusion nets

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South Africa,

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