Gallery SFERENO Pro 1
Gallery SFERENO Pro 1
August 2020
Headquarters 67000 Strasbourg, France

SFERENO Pro - A digital tool to support building operators in making smart decisions

SFERENO Pro offers a solution to help individuals and households make renovation choices through the use of a powerful and user-friendly digital tool that demonstrates the difference in purchasing power between doing energy-related renovation projects and doing nothing.

SFERENO Pro is a pragmatic energy evaluation software which helps professionals to make a precise analysis of a building, just in a few minutes (15 minutes maximum). The user-friendly interface of SFERENO Pro makes it easier to engage a homeowner in his project and facilitate the creation of a trusted relationship between the professional and his customer. After having identified the specific energy-efficient renovation work to be carried out in the home, SFERENO Pro will automatically calculate the financial benefits, taking into consideration the national incentives and tax benefits, based on the French regulation. SFERENO Pro shows, in an easy and visual way, the cash difference between renovating or doing nothing.

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Key features

  • Over 10,000 studies were carried within SFERENO Pro with 50% project executed and 20 000 kWh on average saved per year per project
  • Energy assessment carried out in 15 minutes instead of 45 -60 minutes
  • Project to save up to to 550GWh in 10 years


  • Increase of the conversion quotes rate from 30% up to 70%

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