Gallery Rosi 1
Gallery Rosi 1
August 2019
Headquarters 38000 Grenoble, France

Rosi - Silicon recycling for photovoltaics

Rosi valorizes the high quality silicon contained in photovoltaic (PV) industrial waste through recycling.

To make photovoltaics a greener source of energy, Rosi brings back silicon considered as waste into the PV production value chain. Recycling silicon through Rosi reduces at least 30% of CO2 emissions, increases production efficiency and reduces the cost of PV modules. Overall, this renders the PV industry into a circular economy. The recycling process includes a purification of silicon kerf, the sludge waste left after cutting a slice of PV silicon from an ingot. This results in high quality silicon (over 99.9%) through an environmentally friendly process. There is also a controlled conditioning of the resulting powder into the appropriate form for the targeted application.

Key features

  • Efficiency booster for PV industry.
  • Reduction of PV module cost
  • No acid or base used for the purification.


  • Recycled silicon around 50% cheaper without compromising the quality of the raw material.

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