Gallery MycoTEX®  1
Gallery MycoTEX®  1
January 2021
Headquarters 3762 KJ Soest, Netherlands

MycoTEX® - A groundbreaking seamless manufacturing method allowing for custom-made clothes made from compostable mushroom roots

MycoTEX® offers an award-winning, all-in-one solution for fashion brands. They are textiles made from mycelium and combine those with proprietary seamless production technology to create custom-fit garments, allowing brands to set the latest trends whilst offering truly sustainable products. The groundbreaking manufacturing method solves several major issues in the fashion, interior and automotive industry. It reduces cost, waste, and labour-intensity of cut & sew operations, replaces plastics and leathers with compostable materials and improves the comfort and fit of fashion products. The “Made by MycoTEX®” signature production method makes products instantly recognizable and makes it easier for brands to create innovative, custom-fit products that let consumers live a sustainable lifestyle while following the latest trends.

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Key features

  • Reduces 10 - 30% of production waste compared to a conventional supply chain
  • 100% home compostable
  • Total production time reduced to 50% leading to a reduction of time-to-market of 20% average
  • 0% hazardous chemicals, pesticides, animals or animal derived products
  • On-demand production will save 10% of pre-production waste
  • 0% water used for (through and through) dyeing


  • Due to the seamless production technique, MycoTEX products will be 25% less expensive compared to leather products
  • Personalisation decreases online return-rate up to 38%

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