Mobile Aeroponics Farming

Gallery Mobile Aeroponics Farming 1
Gallery Mobile Aeroponics Farming 1
July 2019
Headquarters 1415 Démoret, Suisse
In collaboration with Air Liquide

Mobile Aeroponics Farming - Automated irrigation and efficient cultivation system

CombaGroup mobile aeroponics system is an innovative highly productive soilless farming solution that produces high quality, clean and fresh leafy vegetables with 97% water efficiency and no pesticide.

The technology and optimized soilless culture systems, combined with a fully-controlled environment, allow reliable and predictable cultivation of high quality, healthy, clean, sustainable and socially responsible fresh produce. There are five main drivers behind this system: (1) The mobile aeroponics irrigation system uses 30 times less water than traditional field farming thanks to a spraying automate and a closed-loop water circuit. (2) It avoids the use of phyto-sanitary products, meaning no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. (3) By being strategically located near distribution and consumer centers, the farms will reduce the carbon footprint by 28 000 tons CO2 by 2021. (4) By improving the cultivation process and disrupting the supply chain, the CombaGroup systems allow for an 85% produce yield - 4 times more than the current chain. (5) Given its location near industrial sites, biogas facilities or photovoltaic farms, it is possible to use waste heat to heat or cool the greenhouses.

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Key features

  • Incorporates closed loop recycling with 97% of the water being reused.
  • Due to its soilless nature there are no soil diseases nor dirt, and therefore a reduction in contaminants.


  • 20 times more productivity than open field production.
  • 30 times less water than traditional culture for same amount of salads.

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