MIWA - Smart Reusable Packaging

Gallery MIWA - Smart Reusable Packaging 1
Gallery MIWA - Smart Reusable Packaging 1
October 2020
Headquarters 170 00 Prague-Prague 7, Czechia

MIWA - Smart Reusable Packaging - A complete business ecosystem for smart-powered reusable packaging which enables distribution and sale while minimising single-use packaging

Plastic waste from the food retail sector is a huge challenge, both for land and water pollution and for carbon emissions. MIWA technology aims to minimise waste from the single-use packaging of food, non-food and liquid products. MIWA is a smart reusable packaging, built as an integrated hardware and software solution. MIWA reusable packaging works in tandem with unique electronic dispensers placed in retail and the MIWA information system operating in the Cloud, with the connectivity allowing for near-real-time data flows. MIWA packaging and dispensing shelves are equipped with RFID chips and readers, offering substantial opportunities to all value chain stakeholders to enhance efficiency and product/consumer safety and outperform the effects of the current single-use dominant approach. Life Cycle Assessment study shows that MIWA can reduce the overall negative environmental footprint by up to 71%, material usage waste by up to 90% and carbon footprint by 46%. Within the first 5 years MIWA plans to prevent up to 20,000 tons of packaging waste while still reaching only a fraction of the EU market.

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Key features

  • Reduces packaging material use by 90%
  • MIWA reusable containers can withstand up to 300 cycles of use
  • Carbon footprint is 46% lower than mainstream alternative


  • Cost savings from more efficient retailer and producer operations
  • Payback period in between 6 to 24 months depending on the individual case
  • Packaging cost savings between 5 and 15%

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