LF20: Linear Fresnel Solar Collector

Gallery LF20: Linear Fresnel Solar Collector 1
Gallery LF20: Linear Fresnel Solar Collector 1
March 2021
Headquarters 46022 Valencia, Spain

LF20: Linear Fresnel Solar Collector - A solar flat plate collector for generating renewable energy heat

Industries burn fossil fuels in their production process by generating heat with conventional boilers in the form of steam, hot water or hot oil. This heat generation is responsible for one third of the CO2 emissions worldwide. Seeking to address critical environmental issues, the Solution "LF20: Linear Fresnel Solar Collector" produces renewable energy heat by concentrating solar energy with mirrors that track the sun. This energy is concentrated into a receiver - an isolated vacuum tube absorber - where steam, hot oil or hot air is produced. Thanks to this heat, the Solution not only manages to reduce the industry’s CO2 emissions, but it also the client’s energy bill. This reduction in price is possible thanks to its innovative design, which allows the solar energy to be converted directly into heat, rather than producing electricity first, to later produce heat. Another advantage of the Solution is the high temperature (up to 350 ºC) it can reach. Many industries demand high temperatures, and conventional solar flat plate collectors are just not able to generate heat at temperatures over 120 ºC

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Key features

  • Every module has a surface of 36 m2
  • Produces over 20 MWh of energy per year
  • Savings of 30% to 70% of current use of fossil fuels with its associated CO2, NOx and SO3 emissions
  • Savings of 2.000 liters of diesel per year


  • 140 k€ of annual savings for every MW of solar power installed
  • Payback period of the investment between 3 to 7 years

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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