LAYER® Light As Your Energetic Response

Gallery LAYER® Light As Your Energetic Response 1
Gallery LAYER® Light As Your Energetic Response 1
May 2020
Headquarters 26000 Valence, France

LAYER® Light As Your Energetic Response - A printed technology which generates energy from ambient light to secure a power source for IoT and RFID

By harvesting energy, the LAYER® solution provides greater reliability and operational lifetime in wireless sensor networks by solving hardware issues related to power batteries.

Billions of IoT devices are expected to be installed over the coming years and almost half of them will be integrated into buildings. Currently, the use of batteries to power these devices places significant constraints on the deployment of this technology. Indeed, the range and frequency of data transmission are curtailed to achieve sufficient battery life, and applications are also limited to the devices allowing for battery replacement. LAYER® is efficient to answer these problematics by securing a power source for IoT and RFID. LAYER® relies on organic photovoltaic which have become over the last decade, a promising technology for next-generation solar cells with properties such as lightweight, flexibility, design opportunities or low environmental impact. Thank to its solution to use locally available energy, LAYER® aims at accelerating energy transition for products consuming low power (µwatts).

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Key features

  • Does not require rare earth elements
  • Devices recyclable
  • Only organic materials are used to formulate photo active inks


  • Total cost of ownership is 7.4 lower compared to traditional CR2032 batteries

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