Gallery Joulia-Inline 1
Gallery Joulia-Inline 1
October 2018
Headquarters 2503 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Showerdrain with heat recycling

Joulia-Inline - A simple and ecological shower drain with heat recovery

Thanks to its low building height, the system can be placed in every shower floor and will work without any moving part or electricity.

The showerdrain Joulia-Inline has to be connected to the fresh water. By means of a heat exchanger module, the heat energy of the used shower water is reused to warm the incoming cold water mains. In this way the cold water arrives at the mixing valve up to 15°C warmer than before (from 10°C up to 25°C). Therefore, substantially less hot water is needed. By this means, a 4-person household can save about 1000 kWh per year. Joulia-Inline is sold with either 3 or 5 heat exchanger tubes, which you can select depending on whether maximum efficiency or minimal installation height is more important.

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Key features

  • 42% of energy recovered.
  • No CO2 emission nor electricity used.
  • Product can be 100% recycled.


  • From energy savings come economic savings up to 250 USD per year for a 4-person household

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