April 2020
Headquarters 44300 Nantes, France
In collaboration with LVMH

GREENSPECTOR - Greenspector is an expert tool that measures, analyses and detects hotspots of energy-resources consumption for mobile, web and IoT applications

Greenspector solution helps to reduce environmental impacts of a digital service while providing other several advantages thanks to its frugality (e.g., productivity, performance-UX, autonomy, device lifespan, reduced TCO of infrastructure).

Greenspector helps digital teams to manage digital eco-design approach thanks to an expert tool that measures and analyses energy-resources consumption for environmental and economic gains. Its quick detection of hotspots in main use cases provides developers, designers, product owners with a good way to act fast in the digital services lifecycle. Measurement is made with script test of a use case, which is sent to our cloud with a link to application, measurement is done in our device lab and results can be tracked in continuous integration process. Analysis of key indicators and details information for correlation, benchmarking is made through web interface.

Key features

  • Based on 1 hour of streaming video on mobile device, Greenspector CO2 emissions are approximately 85% inferior than doing nothing.


  • Pay back time is less than one year.

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