Gallery Gramitherm® 1
Gallery Gramitherm® 1
September 2019
Headquarters 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland

Gramitherm® - A bio-based insulation batt with a negative carbon footprint made from grass

Gramitherm® tackles the challenge of efficiency in buildings by providing an equally performant insulating material with an unrivaled environmental impact.

The primary component of the Gramitherm® insulation panel is grass, an element naturally abundant all over the world, with a short reconstitution cycle time. With an estimated lifetime of at least 50 years, Gramitherm® is easily and fully recyclable afterward. To source its panels' raw material, the solution's owner plans on primarily integrating local ecosystems, transforming grass from waste to useful product to build efficient buildings and homes.

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Key features

  • Carbon capture : -1,5kg CO2eq/kg of product
  • An highly efficient thermal insulation - λ of 0.040 W / mK
  • No allergen, irritation and healthy hazard
  • Less 70% of water and 75% of energy use compared to glass wool production impact


  • 50 years lifespan
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than glass wool insulation

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