EP Tender

Gallery EP Tender 1
Gallery EP Tender 1
July 2018
Headquarters 78300 Poissy, France

EP Tender - A range extending service for electric vehicles

Customers can rent a light trailer on-demand, immediately adding a further 60 kWh capacity to their vehicle, without impacting its payload.

Incredibly versatile, Tenders – as the light trailers are known - are powered by battery, hydrogen, inductive road or gasoline, depending on infrastructure and available technologies. They are attached by a tow bar installed on vehicles. Users are able to book a Tender in advance and pick it up on the day they need it just before they join the motorway. Once they get close to their final destination, the user simply drops it at another rental point.

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Key features

  • Deals with one of the key constraints and concerns of potential and existing EV owners
  • EV Range extending as a service, on a pay per use basis
  • Minimizing the life cycle footprint of EVs with a moderate battery
  • Add-on battery is swappable when depleted
  • The transition to EV will reduce particles and NOx emissions in cities. Keeping battery size at a measured level, contributes proportionally to reduce human toxicity and photochemical oxidant impacts


  • Peace of mind afforded by service makes EV’s more attractive and affordable to consumers, allowing them to purchase a vehicle with the range they need for the vast majority of the time, with an option for those occasions when they need greater range

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