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Gallery EnerTwin 1
January 2021
Headquarters 5633 AE Eindhoven, Nederland

EnerTwin - A micropower plant for houses and commercial buildings, operating on clean fuels (biomethane, H2 mix) and producing electricity and heat

Where heat pumps fail, and solar PV cannot be used, the EnerTwin is the perfect solution to improve the energy efficiency of a building and to reduce greenhouse emissions.

These situations especially occur in historical buildings which form the centre of many beautiful European cities and villages. Apart from giving the necessary heat to the users of a building, it also provides locally generated electricity at unmatched efficiency (94%), also by using clean fuels such as biomethane, green gas and hydrogen. The EnerTwin is a very small domestic power plant where a boiler and an electricity generator are combined in a single durable device. The heart of the EnerTwin is a microturbine that drives a generator. Microturbines can be easily installed, have a very long life and require very little maintenance. EnerTwin is "micro-cogeneration plus": it will keep our inner cities livable for the next generations, at affordable cost.

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Key features

  • EnerTwin solves energy transition problems in historical buildings. The EnerTwin solution can quickly be implemented, has substantial lower cost than installing heat pumps and does not affect the historical heritage of our monuments
  • CO2 emissions reductions are on average between 4 and 10 ton per system per year


  • EnerTwin generates electricity at a (marginal) cost that is substantially lower compared to buying electricity from an energy utility. This cost advantage is around 50 - 60%
  • The EnerTwin is certified for 100% biomethane as well as a mix of gas with 23% Hydrogen, thereby providing additional reduction the carbon emissions by 100% and 23% respectively
  • The EnerTwin has a full ROI between 3 and 8 years (depending on local spark spread) based on the production of electricity as a by product of the heating function
  • The EnerTwin, by means of its turbine technology, requires 80% less maintenance compared to other micro CHP systems. Installation takes up to 5 times less time compared to competing products
  • EnerTwin is build with COTS components from the HVAC and automotive industry. These are low cost, very reliable and widely available. There is an established after market for spares

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