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Gallery Daanaa WPTIC 1
Gallery Daanaa WPTIC 1
March 2021
Headquarters Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Daanaa WPTIC - An integrated circuit-based power transfer system that eliminates all wires, cables and connectors

The Solution is an integrated circuit (“IC”) power transfer system that eliminates wires, cables, and connectors. Highly versatile, Daanaa WPTIC meet the power needs of a wide variety of equipment from solar cells to vehicles. Power can be transmitted through materials using existing structures as antennae that transmit electricity to and from multiple devices requiring various power levels. The technology is integrated into the solar cell to eliminate the serial nature of inter-cell connections. Doing so maximizes power extraction from individual solar cells. IC-based, per cell, wireless power transmission collected by the PV allows for cell-based optimization. Hence, power generation under suboptimal conditions is optimized by up to 70% while reducing O&M costs by up to 50% due to eliminating the need for diodes, DC optimizers, and microinverters.

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Key features

  • The Solution has scalable power capabilities 0.5W – 10KW at more than 50X power density compared with existing solutions
  • The Solution offers a 900% increase in vertical distance flexibility, and a 300% increase in horizontal alignment flexibility compared to existing solutions
  • Daanaa's system produces 0 Ampere eddy current resulting in no loss of energy in the form of unintended heat to surrounding metallic objects
  • Power generation under imperfect weather and solar conditions can be optimized by up to 70%, increasing energy harvest compared to conventional systems
  • A Daanaa enabled solar panel/system is estimated to reduce the amount of copper required by 75%
  • Daanaa enabled systems allow renewable energy independence resulting in the offset of more than 277T of GHG per household


  • Daanaa reduces solar system O&M costs by up to 50% thus increasing ROI and offering financial incentive for fossil fuel conversion
  • At scale, Daanaa is capable of reducing system LCOE by up to 50% in solar applications thus also increasing ROI and financial incentives for adopting renewable energy.
  • In one case study, Daanaa was shown to be capable of harvesting 48.5% more energy than a conventional system over a 25-year lifespan allowing for energy re-distribution to the grid as an income stream

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North america

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