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Gallery Coomtech SMR Technology 1
June 2021
Headquarters Wisbech PE14 9TW, UK

Coomtech SMR Technology - A process that reduces energy consumption for the industrial thermal drying process

The Coomtech SMR solution to drying bulk solids materials of surface moisture works by shearing the moisture off particles in controlled turbulent airflow. Warmed to an average of 85C, it optimises its ability to hold the water separate from the particles. It is a lean phase process treating particles in under a second, dealing with a range of moisture levels dependant upon the material dried. It presents a singular and viable alternative to thermal drying which is the traditional approach, heating water till it reaches 100C then on up to vaporisation. Because it is only heating air to 85C and air does all the work of stripping, the Coomtech SMR system delivers a lower cost and lower emissions system over the life of a plant. It’s a modular configuration that can manage from 32,000 mtpa up to multiple hundreds of thousands of tonnes. The plant can integrate with existing systems including using low-grade waste heat sources or can be a standalone remote plant.

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Key features

  • Energy costs can be cut by up to 75% from thermal drying by traditional technologies
  • Can cut up to 75% of the CO2 emissions versus a thermal drying plant
  • The system is gentle and low temperature for materials sensitive to those characteristics and tends to break up softer agglomerates sending the particle size distribution toward the finer end for most products with agglomerating tendencies.
  • Can save up to 75% CO2 emissions per tonne of dried material compared to various designs and levels of efficient thermal drier currently available
  • Water recovered in the process can be recycled or reused for example 17% removed from a tonne creates c.170kg of water


  • The consequence of reduced energy demand is CO2 emissions are reduced and in todays market carbon saved has a value and is rising in value in the European and in the global trading markets
  • Savings on OPEX and potential carbon trades mean that payback periods can be as low as 18 to 36 months for Coomtech over thermal technologies.

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