CO2 Recycling Technology

Gallery CO2 Recycling Technology 1
Gallery CO2 Recycling Technology 1
February 2021
Headquarters 1815 Clarens, Switzerland

CO2 Recycling Technology - A cost-effective & sustainable solution to recycle CO2 into valuable products for the food and chemical industry

The solution is designed to fight global warming and move away from animal proteins and from fossils used as raw material for industries.

This solution, based on the principle of the circular economy, consists of a system that recycles efficiently and in real-time industrial loads of CO2 by farming microalgae (industrial photosynthesis), the cheapest and fastest CO2 sink, with a high productivity per unit, footprint and time. It pays for itself by providing algae and extracts for the foods and feeds (spirulina, chlorella etc), pharma (Carotenes, Omega-X fatty acids etc), cosmetic and fine chemicals industries. The process is efficient and low-cost and induces savings on land and on water usage compared to existing technologies.

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Key features

  • 33 tons of CO2 recycled per m2 footprint annually - highly scalable and modular
  • Substitution of fossils in industry: Up to 100% elimination/transformation of CO2 from industrial fumes (e.g. 15 kg per second in the cement industry) recycled into useful entrants for chemical industries
  • Helps fighting deforestation by providing substitutes to e.g. palm oil components, vegetal proteins from South America etc.


  • Delivers end products at 1/5 the manufacturing costs of competitive technologies and 200 times the productivity in kg/m2 footprint
  • Provides a 20% return on sales, and a 1 year payback to producers of microalgae
  • Transforms a cost (CO2 tax) into a profit stream by investing € 0.1 per kgCO2 treated, generating a 30% return on equity to the micro-algae producers
  • At € 3-4/kg, provides end products at a competitive price against substitutes from fossils, from deforestation or from tropical countries

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