CMF Drive

Gallery CMF Drive 1
Gallery CMF Drive 1
April 2021
Headquarters 85296 Rohrbach, Germany

CMF Drive - Recycling of used diesel city buses into clean, efficient, quiet and cost-effective buses powered 100% by renewable energies

Climate change is leading to various problems for society and nature. Air pollution from motorized mobility in cities harms the health of the inhabitants and jobs in the automotive industry are shifting to Asia. These are some of the reasons which led to the development of the Clean Vehicle Directive (DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1161). According to this directive, municipalities are forced to reach procurement targets of clean and energy-efficient vehicles. This is a huge challenge for municipalities, as existing alternatives to diesel buses are not always suitable or are extremely expensive. In order to meet the needs of these municipalities, CMF recovers their old buses and remove all diesel components like tanks, engine etc. and install the patented CMF drive. It consists of an electric drivetrain with an onboard charger and enables 3-fold energy savings: Through the recovery of braking energy, usage of engine waste heat and constant optimal load at the on-board charger. Thanks to upcycling, CMF avoids the production of unnecessary material. The CMF drive runs on liquid natural gas (LNG), Bio-LNG or synthetic natural gas. Suitable fuel stations already exist all over Europe and as soon as green hydrogen is available in sufficient amounts the CMF will easily be adapted to it.

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Key features

  • 30 % more energy efficient than conventional buses thanks to the patented CMF drive
  • 5 minutes refueling 500 kilometers driving thanks to the on-board charger
  • 50 % less engine noise
  • 100 % less CO₂ emissions with Bio-LNG
  • 95 % less air pollution
  • 90 tons of CO2 emissions per bus avoided through upcycling of used buses instead of producing new ones


  • €200,000 to €400,000 cheaper acquisition costs than battery electric or hydrogen buses
  • €120,000 to €190,000 fuel cost savings over a lifetime of 12 years for one bus compared to battery electric, hydrogen, CNG or diesel bus
  • No charging infrastructure needed

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