Clean, efficient and profitable

1000 Solutions to protect the environment

The Solar Impulse Foundation is selecting 1000 Efficient Solutions that are both clean and profitable to help decision-makers adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

All the solutions below have been submitted by members of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and assessed by external experts for their technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and potential or realized profitability, and have been labelled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution.

How to protect the environment?

Environmental protection has been a global priority for many years now, but progress has been slower than it needs to be. That’s in part because environmental solutions have frequently only been considered from an ecological point of view. But to be implemented at the rate and scale required, solutions to environmental degradation and pollution must be profitable.

The Solar Impulse Foundation is committed to selecting 1000 solutions that are not only designed to protect and save the environment, but also afford opportunities for clean economic growth. Today, there exist ways to solve environmental issues that make sense financially and ecologically. Our objective is to bring them to decision-makers, businesses and users across the world.

Solutions to save the environment

Discover solutions that have already been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label and are helping to preserve the environment across a wide range of subject areas, including; improving air and water quality, energy efficiency, developing sustainable transportation options, or developing packaging that contribute to a circular economy.

Do you have an innovative solution for a clean environment? Is it technologically feasible?

Does it fit within the scope of the challenges we have set? Is it a financially viable solution that is both good for the environment and good for business?

Contribute to help the environment and by joining our great Members network and submitting your solution. If all criteria are met, your solution will receive the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label and be part of our selection of 1000 solutions.

A chance to be labelled in the 1000 solutions portfolio

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