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EPS 55

Fully certified electric propulsion and battery management for electric-powered aeroplanes

November 2019
Gallery EPS 55 1
Gallery EPS 55 1


EPS55 brings a fully certified (FOCA, EASA, FAR) Electric Propulsion System (EPS) and battery management system that promotes the optimal use of battery technologies in a safe, clean and cost-effective manner.

EPS55 is designed to maximise and optimise the use of battery technologies for electric powered aeroplanes. EPS55 proprietary systems replace the conventional fuel-powered aircraft engine with a battery-powered system that aims to eliminate carbon emissions while offering a cleaner (zero GHG emissions), quieter (noise levels less than 55dB), and cost-effective alternative to current propulsion systems for small aeroplanes. EPS55 has perfected the management and monitoring of battery systems, controlling the charging and discharging processes to power the engine drivetrain. This is achieved through a double monitoring system (analogue and digital) that monitors over 100 battery nodes individually, with an independent power supply, with minimal exposure to signal interference during operation. EPS55 monitors battery cells independently for overheating, wear and malfunctions, giving immediate warnings once an issue has been identified. All monitoring and display are done using in-house developed and patented software and hardware that minimises the risk of signal interference during operation. EPS55 is firstly intended to power electrical aircraft trainer (or e-trainer), and in a second phase, EPS55 will power incoming electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL).

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Label Date November 15, 2019
By H55 AG
From Switzerland
Maturity stage Prototype testing in the real world

Implementation Stories

EPS 55 by H55 AG
Implemented by Harbor Air in North America (United States) in 2021

Solar Impulse spin-off H55 has partnered with Harbor Air, the largest seaplane airline in North America, and magniX, a company specializing in electric motorization, to certify the first regional transport ePlane - the goal is to convert Harbour Air’s entire fleet to electric power. The companies will work with Transport Canada to certify the installation of magniX's electric propulsion unit and the latest generation battery system provided by H55, transforming Harbor Air's seaplanes into a fully electric commercial fleet; an important step forward in commercial-electric aviation.


Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX, added: “This partnership is another step forward in our vision of making emission free, all-electric aircraft a reality. With Harbour Air leading the way to become an all-electric airline, [and] H55’s battery technology and magniX’s flight-proven propulsion, we are looking at an electrifying future.”

EPS 55 by H55 AG
Implemented by Pratt & Whitney in Quebec (Canada) in 2022

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has selected H55 S.A., the technological spin-off of Solar Impulse, to provide the battery pack for the company’s regional hybrid-electric flight demonstrator program. H55 is the leading enabler for electric aviation. The core of H55’s product offering include a lightweight, modular, and certifiable energy storage and management system. Hybrid-electric propulsion technology is a core element of Pratt & Whitney’s strategy for continually advancing the efficiency of aircraft propulsion systems, in support of the industry-wide goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions for aviation by 2050.


Reduction of the operating costs associating with flying, with electrical energy costing €6.34/hr of flight, compared to today's €160-220

EPS 55 by H55 AG
Implemented by RTX Ventures in Sion (Switzerland) in 2022

TX Ventures, the venture capital arm of Raytheon Technologies (NYSE:RTX), has made a minority investment in electric propulsion system company H55 to drive the development of electric aviation solutions. The investment in H55 aligns with Raytheon Technologies’ longstanding leadership in the development of innovative and sustainable propulsion technologies.


H55 will benefit from the potential opportunity to work with Raytheon Technologies on a range of projects that will enable us to intensify our offering, building-out a wide portfolio of products and solutions suitable for many customers and applications across the aviation industry


The environmental benefits

  • Reduction of GHG emissions (250 kg CO2eq per hour flying)
  • Reducing aeroplane noise pollution

The Financial benefits

  • Reduction of the operating costs associating with flying, with electrical energy costing €6.34/hr of flight, compared to today's €160-220

Activity Region

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  • Headquarters
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Company Profile

H55 AG

Electric aviation technologies to transform air transportation of tomorrow 

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Headquarters 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Networking Partner


As an expert for the innovation scene in energy and environmental technologies, CleantechAlps (Sion, Switzerland) is a hub for the cleantech ecosystem, connecting its stakeholders with relevant partners.

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Solutions Associated 65

The Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions.

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