1000 Solutions - June 30, 2022

H55 and Pratt & Whitney Canada Collaboration and More - June Solutions Update

Written by Sophie de Blonay 3 min read

The latest news are a strong demonstration of the role of every ecosystem stakeholder in the adoption of clean and efficient technologies. Whether it is investors, industry leaders or politicians, each in their turn has been able to offer a development opportunity to Labeled Solutions.

The technological spin-off of Solar Impulse, H55 selected by Pratt & Whitney Canada to collaborate in development of a regional Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Flight Demonstrator

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has selected H55 S.A., the technological spin-off of Solar Impulse, to provide the battery pack for the company’s regional hybrid-electric flight demonstrator program. H55 is the leading enabler for electric aviation. The core of H55’s product offering include a lightweight, modular, and certifiable energy storage and management system. Hybrid-electric propulsion technology is a core element of Pratt & Whitney’s strategy for continually advancing the efficiency of aircraft propulsion systems, in support of the industry-wide goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions for aviation by 2050.

Arqlite selected as one of the most promising startups in the construction industry

Arqlite was selected by CEMEX Ventures Startup Competition 2019 as one of the most promising startups in the construction industry. After a deep due diligence analysis process, CEMEX Ventures BV invested in Arqlite in 2020. Now that the new Arqlite’s factory based in Santa Ana, California, is fully operational, CEMEX Ventures and other CEMEX Group companies are evaluating a potential acquisition of Arqlite’s product to promote its use among CEMEX’s clients. Arqlite’s technology is capable of processing mixed and other plastics at a competitive price. Arqlite's proprietary process turns these plastics into efficient materials for the Built Environment. Their Labeled Solution Arqlite Smart Gravel, takes the best of plastic polymers to provide a light, durable, and highly insulative filler for many different applications in construction.

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New partnership between LAVOISIER COMPOSITE and the Clayens Group

The Clayens Group, specialized in processing of high performance polymers, composites and precision metal parts, and the startup LAVOISIER COMPOSITES, which develops innovative materials derived from the recovery of by-products from various industries, have decided to join forces to support their customers in the ecological transition. This collaboration will enable the startup to support its customer in moving quicker from proof of concept stage to mass production. Founded in 2018, Lavoisier Composite now has 6 employees. As part of an ongoing fundraising , the company plans to invest heavily and double its workforces in 2022 and 2023.  

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Pinovo goes to Davos at the World Economic Forum

Pinovo joined the team of 20 Top Innovators at the World Economic Forum in Davos, on an invitation by UpLink - World Economic Forum. Pinovo met with the Norwegian Environment Minister, Espen Barth Eide. Pinovo is committed to drive an on, working with regulators in Norway and in the EU Commission to take measures which will help stop Paint Microplastic Pollution. Pinovo’s business continues to grow in Norway, the Netherlands and the UK, working with key players as Aker Solutions, Beerenberg, KAEFER Energy AS and Linjebygg AS.

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Neolithe completed 3rd round of financing of 20 million euros

This fundraising marks the beginning of commercialization for Neolithe. It will allow them to obtain the necessary structure to deliver 24 Fossilizers next year, as well as to continue the R&D on new waste deposits. Néolithe transforms non-recyclable waste such as municipality waste, construction waste, industrial waste into stones. The mineral aggregate produced, can be used as raw material for the construction sector, especially for roadbeds and concrete. Their Labeled Solution Fossilizator aims to replace the current waste treatments, incineration and landfill responsible for a large amount of CO2 emissions.

Hydraloop has been nominated as a finalist for the first ever WIPO Global Award

Hydraloop was nominated as a finalist for the first-ever WIPO Global Awards. A selection team chose the finalists from among 272 submissions from 62 countries for the prize, which celebrates commercial solutions based on intellectual property (IP) rights to impact economic, social and cultural progress both home and beyond country borders, with the first edition focused on smaller companies. An international jury of business leaders will select the winners, who will be unveiled on July 19, 2022, during an awards ceremony held at World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Hydraloop is an in-house greywater recycling system. The patented Hydraloop technology - that is the heart of the system - works without using a filter, membran or chemicals, and allows for 45% of mains water savings.

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Iscleanair in a new phase of capitalization in crowd investing

ISCLEANAIR (APA Business) is in a new phase of capitalization in crowd investing, after having been selected by PricewaterhouseCoopers, CFM - CrowdFundMe and 3IP (the Incubator of Univ. Polytechnic of Turin) for the “Call for IP”. The primary objective of the "Call for IP", is to present the opportunity to undertake a specific development path through the launch of qualified fundraising initiatives on the CrowdFundMe platform. The capital raised in Equity Crowdfunding will be used mainly to strengthen the operating structure and the operational and commercial organization, to invest in promotion and sales propositions (in Italy and abroad), to strengthen production and operating capacity, and perform incremental innovation and to develop new multidisciplinary projects. Is Clean Air’s Labeled Solution Air Pollution Abatement (APA) is committed to deliver an adequate quality of and all living and working spaces.

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Eliq was chosen as Partnership program winner by Mastercard   

Eliq was announced as the winner based on developing a promising value proposition with an intelligent energy SaaS platform. The MASSIV program is Mastercard’s social impact partnership program dedicated to finding and scaling the next impact unicorn. As ESG is becoming more important for the financial services industry, retail banks are looking for new ways to help their customers, not only to manage finances but also to become greener. The Eliq Labeled Solution provides an opportunity of helping households reduce electricity consumption by 6.8% that translates into savings of approximately 145k tonnes of CO2 per year.

Written by Sophie de Blonay on June 30, 2022

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