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Proposing solutions to help decision makers harness the economic opportunities of the ecological transition whilst reducing their environmental footprint.
Since May 2022, the Solar Impulse Foundation has launched various efforts to advance the adoption of climate solutions in cities. Having already identified over 1400 efficient Solutions that are both environmentally and economically beneficial, the next step is to apply the most appropriate ones to a city context, recognizing the outsize importance and decision-making power that they have on the mitigation of climate change. A cornerstone of the Solutions Guide for Cities (below) which is complemented by our Solutions City digital platform to navigate key sections of the Guide in an interactive format.

Showcasing success-stories

Implementation case studies

Draw inspiration from the 130 cities where an Efficient Solution has contributed to the local climate action. Learn from 180+ real-life cleantech application case studies with early adopters.

Overcoming local challenges to boost climate action

The Solutions Guide for Cities

Officially released at COP27, the Solutions Guide offers a compilation of clean and profitable labeled solutions implementation case-studies designed to help and inspire urban centers to quickly build and implement effective decarbonization programs.

Since identifying solutions is only part of the puzzle, an additional section powered by organizations (below) focuses on systemic enablers that allow cities’ practitioners to go from their urban vision to concrete sustainable solutions implementation.

Create a favorable cleantech adoption environment by implementing best-practices, with the support of recognized organizations.






Green Procurement


Innovation Procurement


Policy Implementation


Efficient Solutions


Impact Assesment


Public-Private Partnerships


Public Funding


New Financing


Investments in Emerging-markets


Citizens Engagement


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