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Gallery Toucan Solutions 1
Gallery Toucan Solutions 1
February 2021
Headquarters Montreal, QC H2J 2V4, Canada

Toucan Solutions - Technological solutions and expertise dedicated to preventing waste and facilitating up-cycling of different types of surpluses or byproducts.

The solution targets food and textile surpluses that can be transformed into solutions. The current focus is to avoid food waste, that amount to an estimated 40% of total food produced, generates GHG emissions, diverse pollutions and costs a lot of money to local governments for being produced and not eaten. A large portion of this can easily be consumed as is or can be up-cycled. The solution is a web-based platform that collects the information, allocates volumes to a network, pools purchases for more efficient purchasing and lower prices, facilitates inventory management and logistics and ensures accurate reporting to save a lot of time for users. Working with all actors in the food chain (producer, transformation company to local charity), this business model supports the entire food value chain, which is also intended at helping transform start-ups to be more efficient at a limited cost.

Key features

  • Since April 1st 2020, over 25M$ equivalent of food surpluses have been transacted through Toucan, 490000 boxes, representing 3 800 000 kg of food
  • The solution designed to be interconnected with other IT solutions in order to improve efficiency in inventory management, transportation systems, market places, online payment Technologies.
  • 40% food waste reduction at food producing companies by up-cycling surpluses.
  • 40% less GHG emissions from food waste.
  • 25% less impact from the food that would be purchased by people in need or charity centers if that increased volume was wasted.


  • Over 30,000$/year saved by the main partner organization by freeing human resources from excel, email and data management tasks.
  • 20% increase in food donations leads to a reduction in purchasing expenses at food banks on average by 10 000$/year for a regional hub of food banks.
  • Potential saving of 80% of food waste costs for a food company (waste management contractor services, donation tax returns and indirectly increases employee engagement gains).

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