Gallery SolarisKit 1
Gallery SolarisKit 1
June 2020
Headquarters Currie EH14 4AS, UK

SolarisKit - An affordable and easy to deploy solar thermal collector capable of converting sunlight into hot water for homes, business, and industry.

The flat-packable solar thermal collector is cheap to manufacture, transport, and install.

SolarisKit is ideally suited to provide hot water for households (showering/bathing, cleaning, laundering clothes etc), business (hotels, ecolodges, pool heating etc), and industry (textiles, aquaculture, paper, etc.). It is a device which can be quickly assembled using simple instruction and used to convert sunlight directly into hot water. It has been designed to provide a new and affordable way to harness solar energy to heat water at up to 50 degrees Celsius, lowering users energy costs and carbon footprint. This technology allows regions all over the world to provide heat while reducing demand on gas and electricity from the grid. For a typical household, our solar heating solution can lower annual carbon emissions by approximately 7000kg over its 10 year lifetime while reducing electricity costs to meet hot water needs by 50-80%.

Key features

  • A 50% reduction in GHG emissions over the mainstream alternative (an electric hot water tank)
  • Reduces carbon emissions by up to 742kg annually for a single household


  • The payback time is reached in 3.5 years

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