Gallery OX100 1
Gallery OX100 1
March 2021
Headquarters 8074, Austria

OX100 - A sensor system for non-invasive measurement of the protective atmosphere in 100% of food packaging along the entire distribution chain.

Food packaging contains a protective atmosphere without oxygen, as oxygen massively promotes food spoilage. The sensor system OX100 provides a non-invasive measurement of the protective atmosphere of 100% of packed food, medical products and other goods. The packaging process is directly monitored, statistical tests are done along the distribution chain. OX100 saves 25,000 tons of packed food and 2,000 tons of packaging material per year in the EU. This is equivalent to 190,000 animals (pigs and cattles) and corresponds to the emission of 240,000 tons of CO2 equivalents per year. The resulting improvement in the quality of packed food will also lead to a reduction in foodborne illnesses caused by spoiled food. This will avoid health costs of around EUR 80 million/year in the EU.

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Key features

  • 0.4% of packaged goods are discarded due to packaging process defects and random inspections. OX100 avoids these losses.
  • OX 100 enables as worldwide first system non-destructive 100% measurement of the oxygen content of each package without reducing productivity.
  • Savings in Europe: 25,000 tons of MAP-packaged food, 2,000 tons of packaging material, equivalent to 240,000 tons of CO2 per year.
  • Avoids the annual disposal of 25.000 tons of food and 2000 tons of packaging material in the EU.
  • Avoids the annual emission of 240.000 tons of CO2 equivalents in the EU.
  • Reduces food born diseases and allows health costs savings in the EU of € 80 million/year


  • Return on invest after 3.5 months, savings of approximately EUR 70.000 per year per packaging machine.
  • 100% safe inline packaging process, 80% cheaper than offline destructive sample testing systems.
  • Health costs savings in the EU of € 80 million/year

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