MRE Hydrogen Generators

Gallery MRE Hydrogen Generators 1
Gallery MRE Hydrogen Generators 1
November 2020
Headquarters Dayton, OH 45402, USA

MRE Hydrogen Generators - Efficient generation of hydrogen to provide a cost effective fuel and energy storage

The reliance on fossil fuels and the greenhouse gases they emit threaten humanity and our planet future. Progress have been made and renewables now account for 25% of the world energy production stemming from wind, solar, and hydroelectric, but this progress has had limited impact on the transportation sector. Hydrogen can be produced with zero carbon footprint that can play two relevant massive roles : enabling the Renewable-energy system and decarbonising transportation. However, the financial model does not support long term deployment of new hydrogen infrastructure. The solution aims to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure profitably by leveraging small, streamlined, modular The hydrogen generators come in two main classes of products. The hydrogen generators come in two main classes of products. The AutoARK is a fully automated hydrogen generator created to a scale for residential, small business, telecom and farm applications.

Key features

  • Fully automated production of hydrogen
  • 48kWh of energy produces 1kg of Hydrogen
  • 7.8 kg CO2 can be saved per kilogram of H2 produced
  • Save ~45 kg CO2 per 100 miles, a 96% reduction in emissions


  • ROI for customers up to 9.35%
  • Gas equivalent of $0.98 per liter

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