Gallery Kopros® 1
Gallery Kopros® 1
January 2020
Headquarters 6572 Magadino, Switzerland

Kopros® - A solution that prevents emissions of Ammonia and other undesired gases from solid and liquid manure.

Kopros® for zero emission livestock farming is a chemical-free solution to eliminate ammonia from manure before is emitted into the atmosphere.

Ammonia and other gases are generated in animal farming because of the wrong activity of microorganisms present in manure. Kopros® rebalances and reactivates these natural microorganisms populations so that the correct activities of mineralization and humification happen, thus elements are fixed in the manure instead of being released in the air as gas. Ammonia emission is due to the fact that livestock farming concentrates high number of animals in small areas, thus manure also is very concentrated. In this situation, elements like nitrogen, sulfur and others become toxic for microorganisms, that eliminate them via gas production impacting animal well-being and their productivity.

Key features

  • A reduction of 95% of ammonia emissions from animal farming with direct impact on human and animal health
  • A decrease by up to 50% in electricity consumption for ventilators in barns
  • A 90% decrease of use of antibiotics


  • A reduction in manure handling costs by 50%
  • Up to 50% reduction in pharmaceutical costs
  • A 7% increase in milk production

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