Gallery Funger 1
Gallery Funger 1
May 2021
Headquarters 59160 Capinghem, France

Funger - Upcycled veggie food from mushroom by-products free from soy, additives, gluten & ultra-processed to get sustainable, healthy meat-bite like products

Current agri-food industry is a major source of pollution and causes an unprecedented depletion of resources. There are major challenges to address in this industry, such as: food waste, obesity, carbon emissions and more. The Funger efficient food solution upcycles mushroom (by-)products to produce veggie food. The Funger project is a food circular economy project based on the valorization of agricultural leftovers from the mushroom production as an ingredient. This offer not only the chance to reduce meat consumption, but also utra-processed plant-based collateral damages.

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Key features

  • 10t processed will save 160 000kg CO2 equiv. compared to meat
  • 10t processed will save 150 000 000 l water compared to meat
  • 75 T of Funger ingredient saves 400.000 kg CO2 equiv. & 680.000.000 liter water compared to Texturized Vegetal Protein
  • 81% CO2 equiv. reduction compared to meat and 57% CO2 equiv. reduction compared to Textured vegetal protein
  • 99.85% water consumption reduction compared to meat
  • 99.78% water consumption reduction compared to Textured vegetal protein


  • Funger ingredient is 2 times cheaper than main stream plant base ingredient alternatives 5 times cheaper than meat
  • 800 tons of Funger ingredient used in 1000 tons of final Funger products lead to €1,200,000 savings
  • 1 year payback starting from scratch with subcontractors, 3 years payback if you build the agro-food factory

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