Cleantech market intelligence and innovation company. We work to enable the development of breakthrough clean technologies to accelerate financing and adoption of solutions to climate change.

GreenMomentum is a cleantech market intelligence and innovation company. We strive to promote the development, financing and implementation in clean technology in Mexico. A key objective is to assist federal and state governments in their efforts to further develop a more competitive renewable energy industry, and a more efficient sustainable economy. Through our subsidiary Cleantech Challenge Mexico (CTCM), GreenMomentum seeks to promote the development of disruptive technology, as well as government-assisted pilot programs to demonstrate the feasibility of clean technologies. Through CTCM, every year GreenMomentum works with Mexican cleantech startup companies and entrepreneurs. This collaboration provides capacity building focused on promoting technological innovation and talent development, both as part of an international open acceleration program. Complementary to this, CTCM requires the creation of strategic international partnerships, such as The Solar Impulse Foundation, to foster the development of startups with transformative technological solutions to climate change.
By GreenMomentum