Which documents will I need to prepare to speed up the application process?

The Solution Submission Form consists of public and private sections. For the private sections, which are mainly in the second part of the Submission Form and represent the core of your submission, a higher level of detail is needed. Please make sure you prepare the following:

  • Technical data-sheets and diagrams/drawings of your Solution [including patent(s) if existing];

  • A meaningful and reliable example of the application (or potential application) of your Solution in a real-life scenario (case study);

  • A Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the Solution, or alternatively, quantitative data pertaining to the impact of the Solution at the different phases of its lifetime: production, transportation and distribution, as well as use and disposal phases;

  • An overview of your business plan including information on financial resources, human assets, and a market analysis;
    Background information concerning your company.


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