How can I use the The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label's Logo?

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label's logo is available directly from your dashboard (sub-section - 3.4 “Assets Label”). We encourage you to use it anywhere you wish, as long as (i) it is associated with the Solution which was awarded the Label, and (ii) it is used in accordance with Graphical Guidelines (in your dashboard - module 3.4 Assets Label). Please bear in mind that the Label's logo:

  • cannot be extended to the Solution's applications (e.g., if a Labeled Solution is a “solar-powered boat” and the label is granted to the “physical product” it does not apply to related applications such as “renting services”);

  • can be extended to "sub-products" which presents the same characteristics as the Labeled Solution (must have the same environmental impact and profitability impact).

Moreover, you are welcome to use it in your marketing material, and list it as part of your Awards.

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