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AGOLIN SA develops feed additives. Its flagship product is certified to reduce methane production in ruminants.

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Founded 2006
Company Size 10
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Founders Kurt Schaller and Beatrice Zweifel
Headquarters 1145 Bière, Switzerland
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According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) beef cattle and dairy cows are responsible for about 10 % of global human-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which corresponds to 4600 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year. About 40 % or 2000 million tons of the sectors emissions are in the form of methane (CH4), which is produced by the animal’s digestive process and released to the environment mostly by burping. A cow produces about 500 litres of methane gas per day or about 3 tons of CO2-eq. per year (source IPCC). Furthermore, it is important to know that methane’s greenhouse effect is twenty-five times stronger than carbon dioxide. AGOLIN® RUMINANT is the company’s flagship product. It is a blend of high quality plant extracts from herbs and spices, which is effective, easy to use and safe. Research trials demonstrate AGOLIN’s potential to influence the rumen microbiota positively. The feed additive produces rumen responses, both in vitro and in vivo, such as reduced methane production, which leads to better energy utilization and consequently improved productivity in the animals. The product research was partially supported by EU research projects, with the goal to demonstrate a reduction of methane production in ruminants by the use of AGOLIN®, coupled to increased productivity, feed utilisation and animal wellbeing. A Climate-KIC (part of European Institute of Technology) research project demonstrated AGOLIN’s efficacy. Under the conditions of the long-term trial with over 150 cows carried out by the University of Aberystwyth in the United Kingdom, the feed supplement reduced the enteric methane production significantly by 20 % per kg milk, while feed intake (+3%), efficiency (+5%) and milk production (+9%) was improved. A scientific paper published in ‘Animals’ Journal, was based on over twenty trials carried out over the last number of years, across nine countries and nearly four thousand cows in total. This study was carried out by the The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) near Madrid. The results not only show a significant benefit in terms of methane reduction from the rumen of the cow, but also in terms of milk production and feed efficiency. Methane emissions can be lowered by around 10%, according to the study, while energy corrected milk output and feed efficiency can be improved by over 4 percent. AGOLIN’s concept and scientific proofs are well accepted for its economic and environmental benefits by the feed industry and farmers in Europe, North America and Asia. Furthermore, the food and feed industry developed successful carbon in- and offsetting projects with AGOLIN RUMINANT in Europe and North America (read more on Feeding the world cattle population with AGOLIN®RUMINANT and reducing the average enteric methane production by 10 % (validated by Carbon Trust, independent low carbon and sustainability experts), would result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emission of 200 million tons CO2-equivalent per year.
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Headquarters 1145 Bière, Switzerland

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