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The WAGABOX® solution allows to produce biomethane from landfill gas to substitute fossil-based natural gas

December 2018
July 2022
Gallery WAGABOX® 1
Gallery WAGABOX® 1


The result of ten years of R&D at Air Liquide and Waga Energy, the WAGABOX® is a breakthrough landfill gas upgrading technology. It combines two upgrading processes: membrane filtration and cryogenic distillation. Membrane filtration removes the carbon dioxide (CO2) and impurities from landfill gas. The gas is then cryogenically cooled to separate the methane (CH4) from the oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2). WAGABOX® technology guarantees grid compliant biomethane regardless of air concentration in landfill gas. It adapts to raw gas flow rates and composition variations and delivers three times more energy than CHP, the most approaching competing technology. Biomethane can be transported and stored using existing gas infrastructure. The solution is fully integrated and is protected worldwide by six patent families.

Label Date July 15, 2022
Parent company Air Liquide
From France
Maturity stage Medium and large scale commercialization
Looking For New clients, Visibility, Network, Funding, Partners

Implementation Stories

WAGABOX® by Waga Energy
Implemented by Veolia in Claye-Souilly (France) in 2022

Waga Energy and Veolia launched a major biomethane production unit to recover biogas from a landfill in France. Requiring an investment of 10 million Euros, the unit will produce 120 GWh (gigawatt hours) of biogas per year which will be injected into the GRDF network to cover the equivalent annual consumption of 20,000 homes in the region. With its Labeled Solution Wagabox, Waga Energy produces Renewable Natural Gas by upgrading the biogas emitted by the decomposition of organic matter in landfill sites. The new installation at Veolia’s site will account for 25,000 tons of CO2 savings.


The new installation at Veolia’s site will account for 25,000 tons of CO2 savings.

WAGABOX® by Waga Energy
Implemented by Air Liquide in Rockford, Illinois (United States) in 2023

In early April 2023, Waga Energy delivered two cryogenic distillation columns to Air Liquide for a biomethane production unit under construction in the United States. These 8 -tons equipment, called “cold boxes”, are used to separate methane from the air gases (oxygen and nitrogen). The two cold boxes, manufactured in the Grenoble area, were shipped by sea to the Winnebago landfill in Rockford, Illinois. There, they will be assembled with several other equipment on skids manufactured by Waga Energy in Canada. The completed cryogenic distillation modules will then be coupled with membrane filtration equipment manufactured by Air Liquide to form a large capacity biomethane production unit (380 GWh/year or 1,300,000 mmBTU).


WAGABOX® by Waga Energy
Implemented by SUEZ in Milhac-d'Auberoche (France) in 2022

In early November 2022, SUEZ and Waga Energy started up a new biomethane production unit at the Madaillan Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facility (ISDND) in Milhac-d'Auberoche (Dordogne). This is the fifth unit jointly commissioned by SUEZ and Waga Energy


SUEZ will produce up to 20 GWh/year of biomethane, ie. the annual consumption of 3,000+ households in the Greater Périgueux area, avoiding the emission of 3,500 tons of CO2e per year, by replacing fossil natural gas


The environmental benefits

  • Recovers 90% of the methane contained in landfill gas, allowing an energy yield up to three times higher than CHP
  • Once commissioned, the solution injects biomethane 24/7, around the year
  • By April 2022, 13 WAGABOX® units were operating in France with 480 GWh of installed capacity
  • 37,000 metric tons of CO2eq avoided by substituting fossil natural gas since the commissioning of the 1st WAGABOX® unit in 2017 (April 2022)
  • 145 GWh of renewable natural gas injected into the French gas grid to substitute fossil fuel in 2021

The Financial benefits

  • On a large capacity landfill, production cost can be between 40-70 € /MWh

Activity Region

  • /

North america

United States, Canada,

South america


  • Headquarters
  • Activity

Company Profile

Waga Energy

Developed by Waga Energy, the WAGABOX® technology produces Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), a renewable substitute for fossil-based natural gas, by upgrading the biogas emitted by the breaking down of organic matter on landfill sites.

View company profile Solution website
Headquarters 38320 Eybens, France

Parent company

Air Liquide

A world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health.

View company profile
Headquarters 75007 Paris, France

Networking Partner


ADEME - The French Agency for Ecological Transition- is a public agency under the joint authority of the Ministry for an Ecological Transition and the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

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