TerViva’s Pongamia Protein & Oil

Gallery TerViva’s Pongamia Protein & Oil 1
Gallery TerViva’s Pongamia Protein & Oil 1
April 2021
By TerViva
Headquarters Oakland, CA 94612, USA

TerViva’s Pongamia Protein & Oil - Producing tasty and nourishing plant protein and vegetable oil from the sustainable legume tree Pongamia

TerViva aims to produce tasty and nourishing plant protein and vegetable oil from the sustainable legume tree Pongamia. TerViva farms a reforestation tree species (Pongamia) to make food ingredients. Pongamia beans have been used in ayurvedic medicine for over a millennium; however, their bitter flavour has prevented them from being used as a food. TerViva's processing IP has enabled to unlock the value of Pongamia beans as a food ingredient.

Key features

  • Pongamia crops yields 4-5x more beans per acre than the best yielding US soybeans
  • Pongamia protein 85 is highly soluble with low viscosity and a high Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 0.85 - greater than pea or rice and comparable to soy protein
  • Culinary pongamia oil is a beautiful golden color, contains high amounts of healthy fats such as Omega-9 and has a buttery flavor with a rich mouthfeel that closes the gap between plant-based dairy products and their animal-based counterparts
  • Each kilogram of TerViva protein displacing soy and pea protein translate into 4.87 kg of CO2e savings on average
  • The GHG footprint of a kilogram of TerViva protein is estimated to be 1.9 kgCO2e per kilogram of protein content, 93% lower on average than animal-based protein and 74% lower on average than other plant-based proteins
  • Pongamia trees naturally sequester carbon, improve soil health, and improve local biodiversity


  • By 2026, TerViva will have a 45% gross margin on each MT of pongamia beans
  • TerViva protein product cost is 95% lower than the highest cost for alternative proteins (which is whey protein)
  • TerViva is establishing projects with its growers and partners to sell carbon offsets and credits for ecosystem services into voluntary markets

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