Teraloop flywheel EV charging

Gallery Teraloop flywheel EV charging 1
Gallery Teraloop flywheel EV charging 1
July 2020
Headquarters 02150 Espoo, Finlande

Teraloop flywheel EV charging - Energy storage for ultra-fast EV charging and micro-grid retrofitting

Teraloop's innovative flywheel Solution provides efficient energy storage for EV charging whilst avoiding high infrastructure installation costs.

Energy storage can help to avoid the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades needed to charge electric vehicles. Lithium batteries are a prime candidate as a solution in this market, however they are limited in their cycling ability, and will reach end of life rapidly when used for this purpose. Teraloop's flywheel technology (a mechanical structure used to store rotational energy) complements existing flexibility solutions to manage power and energy. Flywheels have demonstrated advantages such as high energy efficiency, high durability and high power density, making them ideal for applications requiring heavy cycling. Teraloop goes beyond the state of the art with its novel topology, enabling higher scalability to MW scale with a single device, and 5-7 times higher energy density. Teraloop's flywheel technology is ideally designed for applications such as electric vehicle ultra-fast charging, as well as micro-grid retrofitting. It further complements existing battery technologies, extending their lifetime and their sustainability.

Key features

  • Cradle-to-grave energy consumption 96% lower than a lithium battery
  • A 100kW Teraloop flywheel enables the reduction of more than 900MWh of required flexibility, which is typically serviced with fossil fuels


  • Payback in 1-8 years through avoidance of infrastructure upgrades and grid charge costs
  • 25% lifetime increase for lithium batteries

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