June 2021
Headquarters 42016 Guastalla, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy

PROTECTOR - A cost-efficient, lightweight and fuel-efficient irrigation system

It is of utmost importance to push agricultural development in a sustainable, clean and economical direction. Seeking to achieve these goals, PROTECTOR emerges as an absolutely novel, and easy to use accessory based on a non-stick and water repellent protective film system placed between the ground and the polyethylene hose, protecting hose from gluing, strenuous abrasions and high friction. It is a fully automated self-efficient device with an autonomous mechanism. PROTECTOR allows the use of thinner hoses (cheaper than traditional long hoses) and lighter tractors (which are cheaper and more manageable), plus makes possible to use longer hoses in a more efficient way. In consequence, it reduces the high energy consumption used for pumping water and for positioning the hose, allowing sprinklers to work at more adequate pressure. PROTECTOR makes agriculture more environmentally sustainable: water is used more efficiently, energy consumption and associated GHG emissions are reduced and less plastic is used.

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Key features

  • Sprinkler performance improved by 10%
  • 50% decrease of impact on soils (half the weight of tractors)
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
  • Enables energy savings of 20%


  • Cost of PE hose is 40% cheaper than traditional hoses
  • Savings on fuel consumption of 20%

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