Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL) process

Gallery Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL) process 1
Gallery Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL) process 1
November 2020
Headquarters Rotterdam, NY 12306, USA

Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL) process - The patented Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL) is a disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite products.

Vistex has developed a disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite products. The patented Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL) process, which reduces energy consumption as well as capital expenditures and operating expenditures by at least an order of magnitude, provides customers with improved throughput and performance at a competitive price. The PFL process reduces manufacturing waste, while providing equivalent strength, dimensional tolerance, and improved aesthetics when compared to the same autoclave cured products. Vistex utilizes digital modeling and proprietary optimization algorithms to drive the design of the patented fabrication process and manufactures complex components without the need for extensive heat, therefore using less energy.

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Key features

  • Vistex process generates 20 times less materials waste than the Autoclave processes
  • Vistex's process uses roughly 60% less labor per part (note, this is relatively skilled labor)
  • Compared to an Autoclave, the industry-standard technology, CO2 savings using Vistex’s technology are 120 kilograms per square meter of the composite. This is equivalent to driving 293 miles in an average passenger car
  • The chemical footprint of Vistex's process is on average 8% of the chemical footprint of an Autoclave, but comparable to the chemical footprint of Compression Molding


  • The cost of curing one square meter of composite with Vistex technology is roughly 60% lower than the curing cost using an Autoclave for volumes over 10-50 units.
  • The cost of a composite produced by the Vistex process is roughly 30% lower than market standard while increasing margins for the manufacturer.

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