Gallery PLASMABIT® 1
Gallery PLASMABIT® 1
February 2021
Headquarters 841 07 Bratislava, Slovakia

PLASMABIT® - A drilling tool for making geothermal wells possible anywhere

Geothermal energy is the only renewable source of clean and baseload energy, available 24/7/365. It works regardless of weather conditions or the day-night cycle. GA Drilling is developing a revolutionary tool, which is using plasma drilling to access untapped energy potential that our Earth offers. This intelligent drilling platform PLASMABIT® overcomes all current deep-drilling challenges. With our unique technology, we can drill to the previously prohibitive depths of up to 10 km and unlock clean, inexpensive, baseload geothermal energy anywhere. By combining PLASMABIT® solution with conventional off the shelf modular system, in conjunction with engineering, procurement, and construction partners, GA Drilling delivers ultra-deep geothermal energy at low cost anywhere. By accessing very high temperatures in depths, PLASMABIT® will unlock the whole cascade of applications, which can turn geothermal power into the most versatile, constant and least expensive source of energy available.

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Key features

  • PLASMABIT® can achieve at least 3 times higher ROP ( rate of penetration) than rotary bits in hard rock formations such as Granite, Quartzite, Gnei - reaching an average ROP of 1-3m/h in igneous/metamorphic rocks
  • Faster tripping times: Conventional rigs will trip around 350 m/h and PLASMABIT® coil will safely trip at around 1,000 m/h – almost 3x as fast
  • Ecology - substantial noise reduction: Coil Tubing based PLASMABIT deployment and the Hybrid Rig design will ensure that drilling operations will have no noise generation above ground
  • Could save up to 30% of annual global power sector CO2 emissions by 2040
  • Aims at reversing the current 75% of fossil fuel energy scenario in 2035
  • Brings the missing clean baseload element to the current renewable energy mix (solar, wind)


  • The only available clean baseload energy with competitive costs - offering a levelized cost of electricity bellow 50 € per MWh.
  • PLASMABIT's cost per 1 meter drilling in hard-rocks in deep depth (high pressure) is decreased 3+ times compared to conventional: 1000€ instead of 3500€+
  • PLASMABIT is changing the paradigm, transforming drilling costs growth per meter from today's exponential into linear

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