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Celsius Energy

Celsius Energy offers a heating and cooling solution based on renewable underground energy that is compatible with most buildings

April 2020
Gallery Celsius Energy 1
Gallery Celsius Energy 1


Celsius Energy’s innovation pivots around providing a low-carbon alternative to gas boilers and refrigeration units for heating and cooling buildings, based on renewable and consistent underground energy, which is available anywhere.

Celsius Energy is a ground source heat pump that consists of three main elements: A geothermal energy exchange system, a heat pump and a digital control system. This setup can heat and cool buildings while eliminating 90% of CO₂ emissions per kWh generated compared to the benchmark solution (gas and chillers) and can reduce a building’s energy consumption by 60% and operating costs by 40%. The small surface footprint of this solution - made possible through star-shaped drilling - means that it works for both new buildings and renovations, even those located in dense urban areas. This solution offers low-carbon heating and cooling for year-round comfort and can also simultaneously supply hot and cold. Celsius Energy supports companies from the design phase to the implementation of your system. A digital plug-and-play interface enables real-time management of the system's energy consumption and performance. As the planet warms up, demand for air conditioning is increasing and Celsius aims to meet this need with a cost-effective, sustainable, and simple solution.

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Label Date April 15, 2020
Parent company SLB
From France
Maturity stage Prototype testing in the real world
Looking For Visibility; Partnership opportunities; New clients; Network

Implementation Stories

Celsius Energy by Celsius Energy
Implemented by Schlumberger in Clamart (France) in 2020

Schlumberger, the world’s largest offshore drilling company, integrated Celsius Energy to retrofit its gas-heated 3,000 square meters office building center in 2020 in Clamart. Installation was completed in December 2020, and a new building on campus is currently being converted to geoenergy.


- 90% co2 emissions to heat and cool the office space, from 45 to 5tofco2 /year

Celsius Energy by Celsius Energy
Implemented by Optic 2000 in Clamart (France) in 2022

The Optic 2000 Group has chosen to rely on geoenergy. This is a local, abundant, low-carbon resource located within the first 200 metres of the subsoil. The subsoil acts like a battery of calories: in winter, heat is captured and transferred to the building via a heat pump. In summer, it's the other way round: the heat from the building is reinjected and stored in the ground to cool the building. It can then be reused the following winter, depending on the building's needs.


This Solution has reduced CO2 emissions from heating and cooling buildings by 71% and final energy consumption by 68% compared with the initial system.

Celsius Energy by Celsius Energy
Implemented by Vinci Construction in Nanterre (France) in 2022

Celsius Energy, a specialist in surface geothermal (or geo-energy) solutions for heating and cooling buildings, and Vinci Construction have teamed up to offer an energy renovation package combining geo-energy and thermal insulation. According to the two companies, it can reduce a building's energy consumption by up to 93% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. This partnership will facilitate Celsius Energy's implementation in France


Can reduce a building's energy consumption by up to 93% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 90%

Celsius Energy by Celsius Energy
Implemented by Zac Ferney Genève Innovation in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2023

Celsius Energy won the call for tenders for the ZAC Ferney Genève Innovation, an ambitious Franco-Swiss urban project of 65 hectares. The principle: recover the waste heat generated by CERN's particle gas pedal to supply the heating needs of neighboring buildings via a tempered water loop. The buildings in the ZAC will be able to draw on the heat via heat pumps according to their needs. The surplus heat produced during the summer months will be stored underground until it is recovered during the coldest months, thanks to the geothermal probes installed and controlled by Celsius Energy at a depth of 230 meters.


It will save the equivalent of 5,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year compared to a carbon-based heating solution.


The environmental benefits

  • Reduces C02 emissions by up to 90%
  • Saves up to 60% energy consumption
  • Reduces OPEX by up to 40%
  • Compatible with both new and existing buildings, even those located in dense urban areas

The Financial benefits

  • Payback time reached between 8 to 10 years
  • Reduces OPEX by 40% to 50 %

Activity Region

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North america

United States,

  • Headquarters
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Company Profile

Celsius Energy

Reduce carbon emissions with a geoenergy system for year-round thermal comfort, reduced maintenance & consumption costs.

View company profile
Headquarters 92140 Clamart, France

Parent company


SLB creates amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all.

View company profile
Headquarters Houston, TX 77002, USA
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