GenCell A5 off-grid energy solution

Gallery GenCell A5 off-grid energy solution  1
Gallery GenCell A5 off-grid energy solution  1
April 2021
Headquarters Shmu'el Salant St 16, Petah Tikva, Israel

GenCell A5 off-grid energy solution - An off-grid fuel cell providing cost-effective, emission-free power from ammonia

More than 1.1 billion people lack electricity for lighting, telecom, cooking & economic development. With 84% of these people living in rural areas beyond the reach of power grids, solutions are needed to provide clean and affordable electricity to these people. The GenCell A5 nano-plant is an off-grid power solution that provides the benefits of green fuel cell energy with an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel: anhydrous ammonia. This Solution can be used for telecommunications and rural electrification, a critical need for improving quality of life in off-grid communities. In the 2020s, more than 1 million telecom towers will be in off-grid or in poor-grid locations powered by diesel generators that pollute the air and contaminate the soil. With this Solution, off-grid communities can gain access to improved communications and electricity without pollution and emissions.

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Key features

  • Enables cost-effective hydrogen logistics, since anhydrous ammonia stores 30% more energy per unit volume than liquified hydrogen
  • Zero-emission ammonia cracking process to generate hydrogen from ammonia
  • A non-polluting and low carbon alternative to diesel generators
  • Off-grid and bad-grid towers globally require 7.2 TWh, equivalent to 150 million barrels of diesel per year
  • A single 12 tonne tank of ammonia provides enough fuel for a year of 24/7 operations


  • Delivers more than 40% savings on the cost per kWh compared to diesel
  • Installing the GenCell A5 at 1,000+ sites could save up to $250 million or more compared to diesel solutions
  • Ammonia has more than 3 times the energy density of hydrogen, reducing OPEX costs; No platinum required, reducing CAPEX costs

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