Data Centre Cooling by Immersion 4

Gallery Data Centre Cooling by Immersion 4 1
Gallery Data Centre Cooling by Immersion 4 1
July 2020
Headquarters 1018 Lausanne, Suisse

Data Centre Cooling by Immersion 4 - A sustainable and efficient solution for cooling data centres

By capturing waste heat through a liquid coolant, Immersion4 provides data centres with an affordable, sustainable cooling solution.

Data centres require frequent cooling to maintain operation, leading to high energy use and emissions. Immersion4's innovative synthetic liquid coolant solution captures waste heat from data systems without the need for additional external sourcing of cooling. The coolant absorbs heat given off by the data system, allowing the system to continue to operate efficiently. Data systems are fully protected, with no corrosion or oxidation taking place. Customers benefit from a massively reduced cooling energy bill, lower acquisition costs, space savings, and a resilient and reliable system.

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Key features

  • Provides cooling without water consumption or greenhouse gas emissions
  • Made of 99% recyclable materials


  • Up to 80% lower CAPEX compared to mainstream alternative option
  • Up to 98% power cooling savings compared to mainstream alternative option
  • 1 year Return on Investment (ROI)

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