BCH biomass condensing boilers

Gallery BCH biomass condensing boilers 1
Gallery BCH biomass condensing boilers 1
November 2019
Headquarters 48498 Arrancudiaga, Biscaye, Espagne

BCH biomass condensing boilers - A ultra-efficient biomass condensing boilers

BCH biomass condensing boilers has unit saving energy cost and emissions in many sectors (domestic, tertiary service infrastructures, industry).

BioCurve has optimized the two critical processes, combustion and energy transfer, with two patented novelties: a rotating, self-cleaning, underfed burner, and the first spiral biomass heat exchanger. Combining these two innovations, BCH biomass condensing boilers doesn't need a secondary circuits. Its main features are: ultra-high efficiency, +100% (based on the fuel low heating value) ; compact, the body of the 150kW boiler needs less than 1 m2 ; easy maintenance (boilers free of turbulators) ; low emissions ; sustainable fuel consumption (biomass). This BCH boiler get rid of turbulators (compulsory for other manufacturers), giving easy access to the body and can use wood pellet as well as olive stone.

Key features

  • Save 46 CO2eq tons compared with a new condensing natural gas boiler
  • Save 20 MWh/year equal to 4 tons of wood pellet, compared with a new standard biomass boiler
  • Save 20 MWh/year equal to 70 CO2 tons compared with a new standard gas oil boiler


  • Savings of $1,100/year compared with a biomass boiler
  • Savings of $9,200 compared with a gas oil boiler, reaching a 3-4 years payback time

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