Gallery WaveGem® 1
Gallery WaveGem® 1
February 2020
Headquarters 44350 Guérande, France

WaveGem® - An autonomous renewable energy solution for off-grid isolated sites.

WaveGem® is a mid-size marine platform that produces its own energy from waves and from the sun.

The electricity produced on offshore off-grid activities (oil & gas, fish farming…) and for small islands is one of the most polluting ways to produce power. This technology replaces diesel-generators by a hybrid wave + solar solution. Already at sea, WAVEGEM is the only hybrid reliable solution and the only one offering a 24/7 electricity availability at a competitive cost compared to fossil fuel or other renewable energies. GEPS Techno’s technology has multiple benefits: it has developed from low power to mid-power range platforms, so this technology is fully and easily scalable as proven; it has generated turnover thanks to its low power platforms; it is autonomous, reliable, safe, robust, highly competitive, easily built and deployable at any depth and customizable according to the customers’ needs.

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Key features

  • The solution avoids 2.2 tons of CO2 emissions per year for each kW produced compared to a diesel generator. 20 units of 1MW will save 44,000 tons of CO2 emissions. The overall goal is to avoid 660,000 tons of CO2 emissions by 2034.


  • The ROI is estimated to 3 to 6 years for a WAVEGEM unit, depending on site weather conditions, customers’ power need, subsidies customers may have and eventual tax implementation on diesel.

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