Waterwish 5.0

Gallery Waterwish 5.0 1
Gallery Waterwish 5.0 1
June 2021
Headquarters 13600 Ceyreste, France

Waterwish 5.0 - Hydro turbines to support sustainable energy transition

This Solution, based on a simple and robust technology, allows a good electrical efficiency thanks to the "Improved Savonius" patent. This technology allows the design of simple tidal turbine structures, made from robust bio-based materials. Thus, the tidal turbines have a long life span and require little maintenance. It provides a clean and reliable energy source from rivers while preserving the environment and wildlife. Waterwish 5.0 allows our customers to consume green electricity, with a very low carbon footprint while reducing their electricity bill. Thus, they can save 21% on their electricity bill over 10 years. All their solutions are connected to an IoT network and allow the users to follow their clean energy production and their savings. It also allows us to monitor our solutions and gather information on the river’s flow (flood monitoring) as well as extracting environmental data (water quality, oxygen, temperature, etc.

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Key features

  • Each unit can capture 50kg of carbon
  • Each unit can produce 12 kWh/day, enough to provide energy for heating, lightning and boiler in autoconsumption.
  • Over 85% of biosourced material in each unit


  • Electricity provided 21% cheaper than mainstream solutions on normal grid

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