Upcycle Acoustic Panel

Gallery  Upcycle Acoustic Panel 1
Gallery  Upcycle Acoustic Panel 1
June 2020
Headquarters 2150 Nordhavnen, Denmark

Upcycle Acoustic Panel - A sound-absorbing panel made of textile waste, improving indoor acoustics simply and aesthetically.

Every year more than 40.000 tons of textiles are burned in Denmark alone (The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, 2016). The garments come from both private households, textile manufactures and industrial textile suppliers.

To eliminate the problem and realize the potential of wasted resources, are the implementation of large scale solutions needed. Lendager Group has developed a resilient circular product from wasted textiles and prolonged the raw material lifetime – while adding value as a sound-absorbing panel and creating a healthy indoor environment. The process of turning the old garments into new acoustic panels is simple, afterward, the panels are mounted combined with i.e., upcycle wood or in existing ceiling systems. Throughout this process, no toxic chemicals are added. Bio-based fire retardant can be added accordingly, which provides the right properties in regards to fire safety for specific applications. All mounting opportunities are modular, meaning that the Upcycle Acoustic Panel easily can be dismounted and be recycled to acoustic panels or other various applications i.e. new clothing. An essential part of the processing is the unique sorting technique, where we ensure first to identify clothes that can be reused directly. Afterward, the textiles are classified by material and color to create batches of Upcycle Acoustic Panels with a unique aesthetic. Finally, our suppliers of waste textiles have committed to collaborate towards zero waste, helping to push the resource efficiency on a general industry level.

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Key features

  • 50% less impact on Ecosystems compared to existing
  • CO2e saving on more than 50%
  • Energy saving on approx. 30%
  • Min. 70% recycle content compared to approx. 40%
  • 60% less impact on Human Health


  • Competes on both price, functionality and lifespan compared to existing mineral wool solutions.

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Norway, Denmark,

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