Tocardo tidal energy turbines

Gallery Tocardo tidal energy turbines 1
Gallery Tocardo tidal energy turbines 1
July 2020
Headquarters 1771 MZ Wieringerwerf, Netherlands

Tocardo tidal energy turbines - Predictable and balanced renewable energy from tides and rivers

Tocardo's tidal energy turbines enable clients to achieve a reliable production of renewable energy by drawing power from tidal patterns.

Renewables have grown rapidly in recent year, but in many cases intermittency of supply remains an issue. Tidal energy offers a solution to this by providing a dependable power source that can support and enhance existing green energy solutions. Tocardo's tidal turbine Solution makes use of the tides and river streams to propel blades and offer customers local, predictable and balanced power generation. With the worldwide tidal market potential being 500 GW, tidal power innovations such as this Solution hold huge environmental and economic potential.

Key features

  • 100 MW of tidal power capacity saves 140,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to mainstream fossil fuel-powered plant
  • Saves ~1kg CO2 per kWh compared to a diesel generator


  • Payback period of eleven years
  • Benefits from reliable and predictable energy prices from renewables, unlike the volatile price of oil
  • 100% reliable and 100% predictable energy source

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