SolarLEAF Energy Storage

Gallery SolarLEAF Energy Storage 1
Gallery SolarLEAF Energy Storage 1
November 2020
Headquarters Austin, TX 78744, USA

SolarLEAF Energy Storage - A distributed energy storage solution that installs directly underneath solar panels

SolarLEAF is a distributed energy storage solution that directly PV couples to solar panels and installs underneath them. This panel-level format is enabled by an advanced thermal management design which passively ensures that the batteries are maintained at optimal operating conditions. The solution directly addresses the high-cost variability of energy storage installations. These include: permitting, interconnection, customer acquisition, project origination, EPC and other project overheads. In particular, commercial installations in the 50kWh to 1MWh often lack a location to site the energy storage. Yotta addresses this challenge directly. The installation is in-line with the solar installation, requiring very limited additional training for existing solar installers and provides them with a standardized approach for deploying energy storage.

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Key features

  • A 1kWh unit, weighing 50lbs and easily able to be installed by a single person
  • Each unit can input up to 2 x 400W solar panels and enable a DC ratio of 2+ on the roof
  • Potential to displace 5Gt of CO2 by 2050
  • Shifts solar energy to be consumed during periods when carbon dioxide content is 5X greater


  • Less than 5 year payback and as little as 3 years in some key markets
  • As much as 70% cheaper over typical commercial energy storage installations
  • Targeting a $300/kWh total installed price within 3 years

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