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An Electric Vehicle able to recharge itself through integrated solar panels system

With 330 separate solar cells integrated into the chassis of the car, the Sion can charge itself for up to 30km a day in European weather conditions – enough for city commuters.

The Sion aims to make electric mobility more affordable and available for a much lower cost and in a market where lack of charging infrastructure and perceived limited range is deterring its uptake. Its characteristics include simple and cost-effective manufacturing by a third party, bi-directional charging (it generates and also provides energy), a range of 250 km on a full charge, and maintenance and mobility services. Furthermore it is shatterproof, light and particularly weather resistant thanks to a polycarbonate layer on the solar cells.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Electric vehicle that recharges through integrated solar panels in the chassis
  • Natural iceland moss to filter finedust out of the cabin air
  • Ride and car sharing integrated in the onboard-infotainment system
  • An open-source repair and maintenance strategy
  • Full CO2 compensation of the manufacturing process
  • Pollutes 30% less CO2/100km and is over 60% more efficient in terms of energy used per kWh/100km in contrast to a car with a combustion engine.


  • Economic savings due to kilometers powered by solar panels

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Solutions helps to achieve these SDG's.

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities

Maturity stage

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Visibility in the press and social media, as well as investors and partners that want to jointly undertake this endeavour.

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