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Gallery SaltX EnerStore 1
Gallery SaltX EnerStore 1
April 2021
Headquarters 129 44 Hägersten, Sweden

SaltX EnerStore - Circular thermal energy storage system for peak shifting

Huge advances have been made in renewable energy production, but barriers remain to store this energy for later use. SaltX's EnerStore Solution seeks to address this issue by delivering a scientifically-proven, low cost underlying technology for energy storage and high-quality steam production. The patented Solution provides a nano-coated salt (NCS) and oxide technology that is perfect for energy storage applications. Charge it with electricity or heat when available, and release high-quality steam at up to 450°C. To store the energy, the salt crystals are heated up with electricity or heat. When discharging the salt, steam is released that serves for many applications. The model system has four key components – two storage tanks and two reactors. The reactor size is flexible and can be custom fitted to the capacity required. The storage tanks are scalable and simple to install. By using this innovative process, this Solution offers a sustainable, efficient and affordable option for energy storage.

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Key features

  • The thermo-chemical technology makes it possible to store energy from 1 hour to 6 months
  • The energy density in SaltX EnerStore is 500-600kWh/tonne, significantly higher than water, concrete and other storage materials
  • Achieves high temperatures for steam and electricity generation (550-800C) with low emissions
  • The matter used in SaltX EnerStore is 100% natural, environmental friendly and fully recyclable
  • SaltX EnerStore enables an energy system to get 100% of needs from renewable energy by providing an effective storage option


  • Potential for electricity price arbitrage of several cents (€) per kWh stored, depending on geographic market
  • Around 3-5 years payback time for end customers
  • When commercialised, would cost in the range €35/MWh, lower than the average molten salt energy storage system

Categories of Application

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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